Saturday, April 4, 2015

Divine Exchange

My meek attempt in writing a poem: (well I couldn't close my eyes until I wrote this down on my journal)

[Divine Exchange]
Today's the day,
where a divine exchange took place,
two thousand years ago,
long before we know.

He went up the cross,
death was the cost.
His life was used as trade.
Oh what a costly weight!

He went up the cross,
with Him sin was on,
Righteousness was what He gave.
Oh what an uneven trade!

He went up the cross,
to do the will of God.
Drank the cup of wrath,
to unite God and men.
Oh what a painful mend!

Love was the only say,
for Jesus to lay.
His life for mine is the only way
For the son of God to pay.
Oh what a pricey save!

Love is the only way
for me to repay.
My life I will lay,
for He has made a way.
Oh what a glorious day!

My limited vocab made some parts of it sound really weird. Owh well... hehe

1 comment:

jun said...

what a beautiful poem! i really enjoyed reading it!